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Dr. Jenita G​riffin

Mood Lifting Author 

Welcome and thank you for visiting my page. I am the author of Depression: The Average Person's Hidden Secret. Along with this book, I have developed a companion workbook. To further assist you, I have a host of daily writing self-help journals for all ages. 

I hope you enjoy your experience. ICoachME believes that each individual has the power to heal themselves, with the right tools, the right your best YOU is possible. YOU have the power to heal YOU!  Feel free to browse my web pages and purchase materials to begin assisting you with the process of healing YOU. 

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Depression: The Average Person's Hidden Secret Book

Let’s face it; depression is a condition that has affected many lives. It does not discriminate and is a condition that is hidden in the lives of many who seldom admit it. Depression is an under-reported condition in which more people than not experience. American culture is unique. Although there are many countries with a high population of depression, America is of the top 10 highest population of people who suffer from depression. So why is this? The culture of the U.S is so entangled, and most Americans are in many pursuits of wealth, happiness, success, and love.


Depression: The Average Person's Hidden Secret Workbook

In the turbulent cycle of experiencing depression, some people ask Why ME? Others don’t understand while others merely hide the emotions deep down inside and bury the existence of its meaning; and the truth about how they truly view the world. However, most people think of it as just sadness in hopes that it usually passes, so they do not seek help and suffer through it alone. This workbook accompanies the Depression: The Average Person's Hidden Secret book. You will learn essential self-help tools to assist you in overcoming your challenges with depression.

Self-Help Depression Workbook