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Your Mental Health is Just as Important as Your Physical Health

Many people suffer from mental health problems which may require more than Life Coaching services. 

If you suffer from a mental health condition and would like more intensive services compared to Life Coaching services, 

Dr. Griffin could help you also. 

Do not allow the Stigma of mental health prevent you from asking for help and Evolving into Your Best You!

Our Blog

An ongoing series of inspirational messages.

Our Latest Blog Entry

April 2019

It is an important life’s lesson to understand that one impulsive, negative decision could alter the course of your life. Life is designed to lay out many different paths and there are many signs along the way that speaks to us and gives us red flags when we are traveling towards the wrong direction. Although there are many situations in which things just’s not the life situation within itself that causes the negative consequence, it is how we react to the life situation that contributes to the already negative situation to escalate into a deep path of self-destruction. It is important to understand when facing difficult situations we must STOP and THINK before we ACT! That said...Think Wise and evaluate you options, Be Wise and make the best decision of the situation and Live Wise to grow into becoming the BEST YOU. 

Our Latest Blog Entry

May 2019

It is an important life lesson to understand: "You must balance the Superhero in YOU." Often times, in our busy lives, we are doing many things at once. Not only do we have to balance the many tasks of our own daily lives but we also try to do MORE, do EXTRA and go ABOVE and BEYOND for other people. Although it is loving to help others, it is important to understand, you cannot be all things to all people. Most important, you must know it is difficult to be everybody's Superhero without depleting your own energy source, exhausting your self-worth and shortening your life expectancy. What makes matters worse, in many cases....those you already give most of yourself to either request more of you or they repeatedly become insensitive and do not acknowledge the exhaustion you experience in helping them. That said, set boundaries with others and put a reasonable cap on the amount YOU give of yourself to others. Especially, when you DO NOT get much consideration from them in return. When using your super powers, prioritize yourself and channel them to move you closer to making YOU a HAPPY YOU. You must BE the Superhero to YOU!

Our Latest Blog Entry

June 2019

It is an important life lesson to understand that happiness comes from within, and that true love lies within the heart of YOU. When you experience feelings such as anxiety, sadness or frustration, it is your responsibility to love YOU enough to explore and understand what unbalances YOU. One of the most common factors I’ve become aware that looking outward for happiness often comes with conditions. It is only when a person is able to resolve the chaos within, they are able to balance, reorganize and reshape the environment outside of them, so that it merely compliments the happiness within.

Our Latest Blog Entry

July 2019

It is an important life’s lesson to learn that every challenge you overcome, helps to shape you into becoming the amazing, adaptable person you are today. Surviving a troubled past, takes great courage! It is difficult to see while going through an ordeal that in the end, we become stronger, wiser and more creative. We are intellectual people who are designed to change and adapt to any environment. Continue to THINK THROUGH and push through you hardships and survive!

Our Latest Blog Entry

August 2019

It is an important life lesson to understand that "Going back to what didn't work is part of the process."  There are situations or certain people we have difficulty moving on from.  We find ourselves making the same mistakes while doing the same thing and experiencing the same outcome. For example, we may find ourselves going back to the same person who does the same thing and WE expect to have a different outcome. Over time, we discover, even though we repeatedly go through these situations or scenarios, the experience may change slightly yet in the end the outcome is the same. We will eventually learn that going back to situations or to people who do not elevate us, limit us or prevents us from becoming our best is a self-destructive cycle that will not change unless WE change.  It is the experience within itself that is the Process that forces us to change ourselves in order to create a different outcome. That said, although going back to what didn't work is part of the process, you do not have to allow the process to consume years of your life before you understand that it is YOU who has to change in order to design a different OUTCOME.

Our Latest Blog Entry

September 2019

It is important to understand "Worry" is just a deterrent to your peace of mind. Worry, not only causes physical health problems, it impairs our concentration, focus, memory and contributes to sleep problems. The best medicine for worry is rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. When you've taken a moment to recharge you will be amazed at the solutions you come up with; you would have not otherwise realized when you were worried. So when you find yourself "Worrying," take time out to Rest, Quiet your Mind and Relax. You will find yourself recharged and creative to uncover better solutions to your problems.

Our Latest Blog Entry

October 2019

It is an important life’s lesson to understand you must know what you say about YOU. We sometimes struggle with negative emotions which surface from our negative thoughts. Our inner thoughts are what we think about ourselves and surface not only in bad situations but also in good situations. There are times when our thoughts and what we say about ourselves cause us to make poor decisions and deal with life negatively. Thus, it is important to think, acknowledge and learn what you say about YOU.

That said, it is in this process of learning and acknowledging what you say about YOU that will help you gain insight and power over your negative thoughts. This will allow you to change your negative thoughts into positive, encouraging and loving words to Self.

Our Latest Blog Entry

November 2019

It is an important life lesson to understand you must learn from the challenges, mistakes and flaws experienced in your life. There times we go through life and make the same mistakes over and over again. We fail the same challenges or make the same errors in judgement; we've made several times before. This is because..we are supposed to learn from the experiences we encounter. The journey of life is meant to help us grow and to become better. With any mistake, you must take a minute and think about what you could have done differently so that when the same challenge come up again, in a different way, you will not fail.